The Doping Hall of Fame – Chael Sonnen

Let’s congratulate our first-ever inductee to the Doping Hall of Fame, Chael Sonnen!  Way to go, Chael!

Mr. Sonnen’s testosterone levels were nearly seventeen times higher than normal on the night he almost defeated, but was submitted by, the Middleweight Champion, Anderson Silva, at UFC 117.  Though his doping skills were clearly on display for the biggest fight of his life, one can’t help but wonder: if he’d just bumped up his testosterone a bit, perhaps to twenty times the normal level, maybe he could have beaten the legend he can never be?

Sonnen has a second chance at the belt coming up this summer, in Brazil, just three years shy of the champ’s 40th birthday.  Here’s to hoping Chael can focus on his Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) and give the bout his all, plus the extra stuff his doctor injected.  They don’t really test for doped-up athletes in Brazil, so Sonnen can potentially elevate his testosterone levels to a number that would embarrass Jose Canseco in 1990.  Today’s Canseco simply cannot be embarrassed.

On a sidenote, Sonnen has only lost one fight to a non-Brazilian dating back to 2005, while dropping three matches to Portuguese-speaking gentlemen in those seven years.  Career wins against Brazilians?  One.  No wonder he has a bit of a quarrel with the entire country.  They are the only ones who can beat him + Testosterone in a fight.

Parabéns a você!


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